NEW ✨ Yoga with Kassandra MOBILE APP! 😍

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✨NEW✨ Yoga with Kassandra MOBILE APP 📱 FREE TO DOWNLOAD 👉🏼

WOOHOO! My Yoga with Kassandra mobile app just launched!!! 🙌🏼

…and it’s FREE to download and try 😃

This has been almost two years in the making but has been requested for over 4+ years now. This video is a recording of the live Facebook video I did a few days ago.

✨ Inside the app you’ll find:✨
– 250+ classes that can be streamed or downloaded
– Full unlimited access to monthly yoga calendars and programs
– New members-only content added every month
– Scheduling calendar and video tracker
– In-app journaling feature

What really sets this app apart from others is the 📅 scheduling calendar and ✅ tracker!

This means you can schedule classes ahead of time and if you do a yoga class within the app, it will automatically be tracked and logged in the calendar 😊

Pretty cool, right? There is also a journaling feature 📝 within each day of the calendar to help you deepen your practice.

From now on, this is where you will find all of my Monthly Calendars! I’ve created one for February that you can find in there now 😍

(I am moving away from Gurmoad, those of you who’ve purchased my calendars before know just how difficult to use Gumroad is! Previous calendars will stay up there and accessible but the new ones will only be in the app)

You’ll also find some exclusive programs and members only classes. New content exclusive to members will be added every month!

⚡️Okay, enough talking, how about giving it a try?⚡️

You can sign up for a free 7 day trial here:

OR simply go to the app store on your Apple or Android device and search for Yoga with Kassandra.

PLEASE NOTE – For now, this is MOBILE ONLY(also works on tablets). In the coming months I’ll be launching the desktop version as well as a Roku and Amazon Fire integration ❤️ Also keep in mind that as with any new technology, we are bound to find some bugs. If you come across any issues please report it in the app.

I really hope you enjoy this app and that it makes your at-home practice a bit easier! 🙏🏼

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✨NEW MOBILE APP✨ Stream or download more than 250+ classes, use the in-app calendar to track and schedule classes, get access to new monthly calendars and SO MUCH MORE 📱

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